Data Recovery - Read/Write Heads Stuck

Thank you to FiveStarDataRecovery for recovering data from a failed hard drive. Our client was able to get 98% of their data back. When WesTech MSP cannot recover data, we go straight to the experts at Five Star Data Recovery –

The issue as related by the technician at Five Star Data Recovery: The issue with this case was a diagnosis called “Stiction.” This is where the read/write heads that are supposed to be parked on ramps when the drive is powered off have crashed on top of the platters, not allowing them to spin, thus causing a beeping like sound. More and more we see people watching videos online and attempt to repair this issue themselves. This is a FANTASTIC example of why that should not be attempted. In cases like this where the read/write heads are damaged, IF the drive gets powered on after freeing them from the platters, the data will be gone forever

If you are in need of Data Recovery, please contact us for more information and let WesTech MSP get you in touch with the experts at Five Star Data Recovery