Financial Account Security is mandatory in today’s online world.

We wanted to get the word out about some of the terrible and dishonest financial scams that we come across in the I.T. business. As an I.T. service provider, we can help our clients implement security measures for their computer and network, but not their financial institutions. We would like to alert everyone that it is important for them to use the security parameters in place with their banks and credit card companies to help keep them secure. 2 Factor Authentication is the 1st line of defense with all your online login accounts. Please utilize this feature and as well speak to your representatives about other features their financial business may have for your account. Please contact us at WesTech MSP for any info you might want, an email to for any questions. If you would like any I.T. service please give us a call to get you on the schedule. Have a great day to everyone and stay safe out there.

Contact us to get all your computer security taken care of and we can also help you with implementing your online account security.