Office365 is not just software.

Office365 service is not just software but is also an email service and file collaboration and sharing system. Leveraging the power of an office 365 software subscription means that you will always stay up-to-date with the latest software version across the entire suite of programs. No longer will your company have outdated Microsoft Word or Excel programs.

Email Service

Microsoft’s email service is a premier solution for any business to have when it comes to reliability and performance. Office365 email solution also keeps your data safe in the cloud and allows for many additions to it services. WesTech Networks uses Office365 email services and we have relied upon this service since 2013 and have been very happy with the quality of the email solution. WesTech would like to get your company setup on Office365 email, please contact us to find out how this can be accomplished.

 File Collaboration

WesTech Networks has leveraged these file collaboration services for several of our clients and the list is growing. Your business can use the SharePoint and One Drive service to share data between onsite and remote employees. Allow file sync for business owned systems and or restrict usage to online SharePoint sites for more security. Contact WesTech Networks to find out more about Microsoft’s email and file collaboration services to get your company using a top-tier solution.

For any questions about Microsoft’s email and file collaboration service, please contact WesTech Networks at 760-770-1977. Let us to get you more familiar with them. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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