Spam and Office 365 Email Service

Working on a clients email issue today, it was found that rogue spam email was the problem. Our client is setup on the Office 365 email service provider. We found over 40 infections on the clients PC today and were able to clean the system and unblock the email account that was not working. We are currently monitoring the email account, using the tools built in with their email service account.

With the experience today, we are reminding everyone that WesTech Networks offers Managed I.T. Services to be pro-active with the issues that can cause infections to a PC that can cause these issues. With our Update/Patching system we keep your pc’s and servers up to date with all operating system vendor updates and 3rd party program updates.

We offer managed antivirus that gives us 24/7 reporting and management to deal with any and all possible problems. Other services are the Remote support and data backup systems for local replication and offsite disaster recovery.

If you are curious about managed I.T. services and would like to setup a time to have one of our technicians come out to your business and assess your current I.T. model, we are more than happy to. Please contact us at 760-770-1977. WesTech has a plan that is right for you.



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