Some businesses struggle with certain things, and we are no exception. However, we have been struggling with our D.B.A name. First we started out as A Plus Computer Repair, and that suited us for many years, well over a decade, however times change and we needed our name to reflect more of the networking side of the I.T. service industry that we have been involved with for many years.. We decided to bring the name change about in 2016 and came up with W.A.C. Networking. Web and Computer Networking. This name worked, but it did not ring a bell with us after awhile. We are a computer networking company, but the web part of the name did not really reflect a direct aspect of what we do. While we work with many things web related, we are more directly a computer / network repair and support company.

We are now – WesTech Networks, your computer and network support company!

After only a few weeks we came to agree on WesTech Networks. We are the same company we have been through the A Plus Computer Repair, and WAC Networking days, but we are now much happier with the name change and are looking forward to making it a known name throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond to be synonymous with great computer and network support. As always offering onsite and remote support services, and even more expansion into our manage services division, providing EnhancedIT support packages to businesses looking to outsource their I.T. help desk and I.T. support.

For all home users and any business needing re-active computer and network support, we are ready for you.

We are now WesTech Networks and we won’t let you down.

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