Unifi Network by WesTech Networks

WesTech has built a nice new network infrastructure using Ubiquiti “Unifi” products to promote a fast and stable network and WiFi connection for Render HR in Palm Springs, CA. Owner of Render HR, John Colagrande, has been a client of WesTech Networks for a couple years now and when it came time for his payroll company’s new office he came to WesTech for the task of putting in a reliable network with fast WiFi.

We installed a small rack system to properly secure the Unifi Security Gateway router and the 24 port Unifi network switch. We employed 2 Unifi AC Pro WiFi access points, one at each end of the offices. Utilizing the Unifi WiFi system, we are able to create a seamless WiFi network for the office users to have their devices connect at either end of the office as they go about their day,  without the need to disconnect and reconnect to the WiFi hardware that has a better signal. The speed of the WiFi is over 1.67Gbs throughput  making it ideal for many users at the same time.

WesTech Networks would like to thank Render HR for using us for their network and computer repair needs. We enjoy creating properly working networks and computer systems.
If you are in need of a great Payroll company to manage your Payroll and Human Resource Departments needs, you can look no further. Render HR is your place to get this done. Please visit Render HR’s website by clicking here.

If your company is in need of a new network infrastructure, or a repair on your existing, please contact WesTech Networks. You can click here to be taken to our network repair contact form and one of our technicians will be able to assist you with your needs.

WesTech Networks is a full service IT support company located in the Coachella Valley. We service your home and business computer and network needs.
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