Is it better to upgrade or clean install Windows 10 Pro?

A client of ours recently performed an in-place upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, it did not perform as hoped.

Our client is a Reprographics company and needed to have the Windows 10 Pro version installed for some High End printer software. After performing a quick upgrade everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.
Answer: A clean install of the operating system is always the best thing to do.

We picked up the system today to get a clean install of the Windows 10 operating system and get the system back into production.
Our process of the install was a standard of processes that WesTech Networks performs when dealing with a clean install.
Save Data, Clone to file the hard drive for redundancy of data protection, clean or format the hard drive and get the operating system installed. All updates and operating system feature updates as well as all misc programs and antivirus installed. This will insure that the proper updates and protection is in place for the saved data move back to the PC. Lots more to do to get the system back into production, but the proper operating system install is the first step.

If you are in need of a proper re-install of your operating system, please give us a call at 760-770-1977. We can come to you or you can drop it off.

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